Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Okay, so ....

  The famous actress Angie Jolie adapted numerous children from abroad.
Of course, she chose an assortment of ethnicities.  And the story received huge fanfare throughout the media.  Interestingly, this subject had never been widely mentioned before.  Do you ever remember someone adopting a child, and the event becoming major headlines?   Essentially, the Media created such a hype merely because the adoption was supposedly inter-racial.   It's funny how The Media's obsession with this issue truly sees no end.  And, as a result of this huge story, other families began adopting foreign children, as well.

But, it just so happens:
     The writer of this article completed a 10-week study course on the subject of child adoption.   Some facts were disturbing.   You wouldn't guess how many children were available for adoption in lower New York State, alone.   The answer is: 60,000 kids.  That's an unexpectedly large number.
So, the message is simple:  there's no reason for anyone to adopt a foreign baby, considering that many children are available here.  (Note: this same rule applies whether living in New York, Canada, or , France).

Most notably:  Many Caucasian children are available for adoption.  While, Asian American families never place their children for adoption.  This is statistical.  And, the information could easily be verified.   There's no shortage of our children in need of adoption.  Why travel abroad?  

So, there's another reason behind it all.   The Media was promoting the inclusion of foreign peoples into Europe (or The USA).    In other words, this is the reason why Angie Jolie's adoptions gained prominence over any previous case of Child Adoption.   Once again, the media was pushing its own agenda.  Only this time, they're not pushing for foreign labor.  Nor, can they claim that a talented worker is helping our economy grow.   It just stands to prove that Mainstream Media has an obsession with the exotic.
{why did The Media devote so much attention toward Angie Jolie's adoptions ?}

There's a few additional points:  An estimated 60% of all American children needing adoption are African American.  So, why then import a child when they are already living amongst us?
(This is a minor point, of course)

But, there's another interesting factor:   America has a long standing history of helping poor foreign children, rather than helping our own.
The famous 1980's Talk-Show Host, Johnny Carson often joked about it.

But, the most important fact is yet to be revealed.   People are enticed to adopt kids from foreign lands, because it removes the threat of competing against the biological parents.   In other words:  These Adoptive parents are afraid that her child might someday Re-unite with the real birth parents.   So, that's why they choose to adopt from afar.     Heroic ?

You are not a hero.

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In Essence: Parents adopt foreign children in order to strip them of many powers. No ties to family and culture back home. And, little opportunity to reconnect.

Final Note:   Western Europe and USA was already committed to help other nations.
Such examples include: Sponsoring Children Overseas (hunger relief), USA for Africa (1985), Band Aid (1984)Live Aid, (from 1985).

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